The biggest change in UK telecoms history is coming, is your business prepared?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Centrx5 is a full feature VoIP PBX that provides many more features than traditional high end telephone systems. Centrex5 is an advanced version of the Centrex product offered in the past by both BT and Mercury that allowed companies to have extensions seamlessly spread across multiple locations and uses broadband connectivity to connect handsets to the main hosted platform. The main Centrex5 switching software is hosted on Amazon cloud, the worlds leading cloud computing platform and runs 24/7 resource monitoring and configuration backup routines . The Centrex5 VoIP PBX uses Fanvil X series handsets as standard and can be provided with the option of both wired or WiFi connectivity

In most cases yes, although if required Vocaltel can supply high quality fibre broadband connections at very competitive prices.

VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) is a method of sending calls over a public or private internet connection. A straightforward explanation is that voice signals are converted into a digital format at the handset and inserted into small data packets, these packets are the sent via public or private internet connections to the far end destination where the process is reversed.

Broadband reliability has improved beyond all recognition in recent years however there is always a chance, however small, that connectivity issues could temporarily affect your communications as well as your internet access. Vocaltel have three options to address these type of issues should they be of concern, the first is our “restore” service where we will deliver and setup a mobile broadband router to provide temporary broadband free of charge until the main broadband is repaired ( subject to distance constraints), the second option is our chargeable “standby” service where we install mobile broadband backup to work as a hot standby so that in the event of a main broadband failure internet access is automatically switched over to mobile broadband. The third option is to simply use the Centrex5 Linkus mobile phone app as your extension during any broadband failure, Linkus can use your handsets mobile data connection to connect to the Cloud PBX during any internet outage meaning your communications should remain unaffected.

There are number of benefits when using VoIP, these include vastly reduced pricing in terms of both equipment and call costs, increased resilience due to things such as diverse routing and automatic disaster recovery and a considerable increase in the number of PBX features and facilities available.

Rather than relying on dedicated fixed lines to make or receive calls VoIP lines use existing broadband connectivity thereby reducing the need for costly fixed lines. In the case of outbound call costs VoIP calls can directly access the UK telephone network at the most cost effective point thereby significantly reducing call charges for both UK and international calls

The simple answer to both questions is yes. VoIP is suitable for any business and provides substantial benefits in terms of both cost savings and efficiency. In addition to cost and efficiency benefits all businesses will, within the next few years be compelled to move to VoIP as BT switch off the existing analog and ISDN telephone networks and with over 15 million lines needing to be changed over in a relatively short space of time now is the ideal time to make the move to VoIP.

Yes, simply contact us for a demonstration and we can visit you and install a desktop handset for you to use for up to 30 days free of charge or we can send you a link to download a mobile VoIP extension for use on Android and iOS phones. If it is not possible to use your existing broadband for this trial or you wish to carry out a more comprehensive test we can provide an on site WiFi VoIP PBX using mobile data together with 2 Desktop featurephones.

Whilst we hope that you would never have cause to go elswhere we do understand that sometimes people want to move for a number of different reasons, to this end all Centrex5 PBXs’ are provided on 30 day rolling contracts meaning that if you wish to cancel the Centrex5 service at any time you are free to do so. To cancel a Centrex5 service simply drop us an email and we will provide assistance in moving any inbound numbers you may have with us to another service and once you have other arrangements in place you can simply return any handsets to us, buy the current handsets for use on your new system or, depending on the time you have been with us, keep your phones for free.

Yes, Vocaltel can supply VoIP lines in either analog or Digital ISDN format for connection to any non VoIP PBX, these lines behave in exactly the same way as standard line but provide all of the cost savings of VoIP lines however given that traditional telephony services are scheduled to be switched off in the not too distant future it is well worth considering a switch to a purely VoIP based system now. If you do require more information on VoIP lines for traditional systems please click here.

Whilst we do have a particular focus on businesses geographically near to our location, so as to be able to provide timely an efficient on site support, we can if required supply services to customers in any location, in fact we have active customers in Coventry and Edinburgh as well Europe, the USA and India.
When supplying customers further afield than our standard area support can be slightly more challenging in terms of visiting site but as in almost all cases remote support is all that is needed after the initial installation distance really does not present a problem.